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The God on Our Side

For the past couple of weeks, I have been involved in some outpatient therapy back at Northern Colorado Rehabilitation Hospital. Randy, the PT, I am working with is very knowledgeable and helpful to let me know that needs to take place for me to see progress with my walking. My challenge is remembering what to do(…)


Understanding Why

BIBLE VERSE FOR TODAY….  “You intended to harm me, but God intended it all for good. He brought me to this position so I could save the lives of many people.” Genesis 50:20 NLT Perspective. It is what helps us to understand the events of life when all the “dust” settles. Thirteen of the 50 chapters(…)


Judah’s Leadership

BIBLE VERSE FOR TODAY…  “Judah said to his brothers, “What will we gain by killing our brother? We’d have to cover up the crime. Instead of hurting him, let’s sell him to those Ishmaelite traders. After all, he is our brother—our own flesh and blood!” And his brothers agreed.” Genesis 37:26,27 NLT When Reuben slept with(…)


Brothers in Conflict

BIBLE VERSE FOR TODAY…. “Here comes the dreamer!” they said. “Come on, let’s kill him and throw him into one of these cisterns. We can tell our father, ‘A wild animal has eaten him.’ Then we’ll see what becomes of his dreams!” Genesis 37:19,20 NLT Family dynamics are more complicated than those found in politics, business or(…)


Getting Even or Getting Right

BIBLE VERSE FOR TODAY….. “From that time on, Esau hated Jacob because their father had given Jacob the blessing. And Esau began to scheme: “I will soon be mourning my father’s death. Then I will kill my brother, Jacob.”  Genesis 27:41 NLT Two brother feuds stand out in the Bible. Cain and Abel and Jacob and(…)



BIBLE VERSE FOR TODAY….  “When Esau heard his father’s words, he let out a loud and bitter cry. “Oh my father, what about me? Bless me, too!” he begged….Esau pleaded, “But do you have only one blessing? Oh my father, bless me, too!” Then Esau broke down and wept.”    Genesis 27:34,38 Regrets….we all have them.(…)