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Leadership Under Attack

I am almost afraid to see how long it has been since I have written a reflection on scripture. Perhaps the reason for a lengthy dissertation below. Debbie and I have been keeping busy. The end of last month we attended a “Grand-parenting Summit” in southern California and then spent an additional week there as(…)


Repetition for a Reason

When it comes to me and my activities, “no news is good news.” I’m glad I continue to be active and pain free! Debbie is a continuing a prolonged transition from being a case manager to being an “R.N. Resource Specialist”. This will lighten her work load and allow her to support and mentor other(…)


Stewardship or Lordship

Greetings friends! I am pleased to be doing much better than anytime in the past two years. Back to working out and losing weight. Debbie is in the process of a job assignment change that will give her, hopefully, a lighter schedule and ease her into retirement. During the time all the family was together(…)


Pressing Toward the Goal

Here we are on day three of a New Year, 2019. We used to live our life when we were young in years, now it seems marked by decades. Although as I get older, I revert to a “year at a time.” We had a good time with all of our family, the cousins connected,(…)


Light Overcoming Darkness

We are coming to the end of another year and the Christmas season and a house full of family fun. These are always times that we anticipate for a long time and when they arrive, they seem to fly by. We trust that your holiday season has been filled with memories and special times. We(…)


Believing the Unbelievable

I am pleased that after more than a year of struggle with pain and issues related to a herniated disc that I am feeling much better. This Christmas for the first time in five years the entire family will gather in Fort Collins. We are looking forward to that taking place. The past two months,(…)