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Assurance for the Generous

With each medical challenge, we pray it will be the last. This Wednesday (May 23) at 11 a.m. I go in for surgery on a herniated disc. The procedure is a one to two hour outpatient surgery. The surgeon will trim the herniated portion of the disc away from my siatic nerve. I appreciate your(…)


Living Up to Our Calling

It was an honor to have Dr. Jim Diehl as our guest speaker at our men’s breakfast this morning at Timberline Church. Dr. Diehl is a former pastor of Denver First Church and is Superintendent Emeritus of The Church of the Nazarene. He is still active in ministry and is a great example of continued(…)



I spent most of today at a training related my City Council role. Tomorrow at our Men’s Breakfast at Timberline Church we will have Dr. Jim Diehl as our guest. Dr. Diehl is a former Pastor of the well-known Denver First Church of the Nazarene and a Superintendent for his denomination. He is over 80(…)


Ready and Waiting

Today I had my appointment with Dr. Blatt, a neurosurgeon. He reviewed my medical history and did an exam before reading the MRI results. Debbie and I appreciated the fact that he did not push any particular treatment, but left the decision up to us. It seemed obvious from his explanation that surgery was the(…)


The Call and Power of Unity

I had my MRI on my back today. My neurologist called this evening to talk to Debbie and me. He told me I have a severely herniated disc in my lower back. He wants me to see a surgeon as soon as possible. So continue to pray for wisdom as we move forward with an(…)


Suppressing the Truth – Embracing a Lie

This last weekend I spoke at Journey Church in Strasburg. It has been almost 30 years (I thought 40 – glad I’m not that old yet) since we left this community. It was good to connect with a few folks who still remembered our days as young parents and rookie pastors. This Friday I have(…)