Help is on the Way

I am thankful for a more restful night and some needed rest that I was able to get in this morning. This past week I had the stitches removed from above my eyebrow and it looks like the doctor did a good job getting me sewed up with minimal scaring. He did remove another spot on my forearm and I will have those stitches out this next week.

My week ahead will have more on the schedule than the past two weeks, so I’m glad that I’m feeling better. It is interesting how my urine cultures still reveal an unusually high level of infectious bacteria. I’m glad that I have been able to keep it “sleeping” for almost a year without creating significant issues.

BIBLE VERSE FOR TODAY…. I truly believe I will live to see the Lord’s goodness. Wait for the Lord’s help.
Be strong and brave, and wait for the Lord’s help.”  Psalm 27:13,14 (NCV)

When you are in a difficult place in life, when things are not going your way or you are facing a time of personal crisis, knowing that tomorrow may be different can make all the difference. That is what we refer to as “hope.” As I read this verse this morning, I realized that it takes on a different meaning today than it did at times over the last two years. A few moment ago, I walked from my office to the living room, with one crutch and my computer under my arm; I remembered when it took me two rest stops with my walker to journey the same distance.

When the Psalmist declares that he believes he will see the Lord’s goodness, it is a reminder that at this moment he is not experiencing the Lord’s goodness. At least not in the way that he hopes to at some point in the future.

When I reflect back to some of the days on end in a hospital bed and many restless and sleepless nights, there still seemed to be the assurance that at some point, some day, “I will live to see the Lord’s goodness.” Now, it is nice to be on the other side of that “goodness” received.

Twice the Psalmist says, “wait for the Lord’s help.” I tend to be impatient. So, waiting on others is difficult. That is probably what lead to some delegation challenges for me as a leader. But at other times, I found that if I would have waited a little longer and been a little more patient, the issue I tried to solve by my own action in my own time would have turned out better. Since the Psalmist gives this admonition twice, I will assume that I am not the only one in history who has had this problem.

Strength and bravery is needed as much in “waiting” as in “doing.” When the Psalm says, “be strong and brave and wait…” it doesn’t necessarily mean, I don’t do. It may mean I need to keep doing what I can. Perhaps that is continuing to trust. For me it is continuing to have the motivation and discipline to exercise, with no results.

That is the challenge for me at this point. So, I as I continue to trust the Lord for His complete restoration and new vision for my life, I need to be patient, but keep on doing what I can, waiting for the final outcome that I hope for. Perhaps you can relate to that; if not now at some point in your life. For now, I’m thankful for His goodness received and wait in hope for the help that is on the way.