Always Thankful

Our house was buzzing this morning with the activity of grand kids and the preparations for our Thanksgiving meal. It was good to have Christian and Bridget, Riley, Caedmon and Eliana join us last night. My mom has been with us the last few days and Debbie’s sister and her husband, Sue and Sam Schmidt joined us for our meal.

With Debbie’s past work schedule’s and my illness, this was the first family Thanksgiving meal for us to host in our home in a number of years. It was good to be back together with the “Thanksgiving Day Parade” from New York on the TV.

So, we enjoyed a good day together, thankful for the Lord’s presence and provision for all that we have in Him and through Him.

BIBLE VERSE FOR TODAY… “…give thanks in all circumstances; for this is God’s will for you in Christ Jesus.” 1 Thessalonians 5:18 NIV

Thanksgiving is like a fall Sabbath or New Year’s Day. It is a time to stop, reflect and evaluate. These “built in” pauses in our year do serve an importance purpose if we take advantage of them. Thanksgiving has traditionally taken place after the conclusion of the fall harvest. It is a time after gathering to pause, to enjoy the rewards of our labor, to recognize the value of our work and to gain a fresh perspective on the priorities of life.

Since we are far removed from the agriculture lifestyle, the significance of the ingathering normally related to the harvest is lost in modern day celebrations. The security of our lives is not impacted as much as it was on the success of the crops. However, the opportunity to reflect on what we have, who we have in our life and understand the source of our security has not changed.

When Paul tells the Thessalonians to “give thanks in all circumstances” – the can present a challenge. It is is easy to be grateful, celebratory and confident of the future when all is well and we feel in control or what we have and where we are going.

However, when the “harvest” is slim or health is challenged or the future appears dim, it is difficult to give thanks and to be thankful. It is in these times that we need to focus on the source of our security.

We can only give thanks in all circumstances when we realize that it is not only “God’s will” but it is through our faith in God that we can have the confidence we need as we face an uncertain future.

So, during this Thanksgiving season, let’s not just reflect on what we “have” but “who” is the source of all that we have and the One who secures our future. When we give “thanks to God” we recognize Him as our source, our provider and the One who is with us in all circumstances.