Filling the Earth with Knowledge of God’s Glory

This afternoon, I am traveling to  Atlanta to see my daughter Stephanie and her family. This will be first trip for this year to see them. But I have plans to return two more times before the end of the year.

BIBLE VERSE FOR TODAY… For the earth will be filled with the knowledge of the Lord’s glory, as the waters cover the sea.” Habakkuk 2:14 HCSB

The logo of Sherwin-Williams paint for years has been a bucket of paint that is being poured on top of the world. That seems a strange visual connection to the words of the prophet of a “pouring out” and filling the earth with the knowledge of the Lord’s glory.

This hope-filled declaration takes place in the midst of a prophetic declaration of “five woes.” These are statements of condemnation against those who do evil and those who trust in themselves and deny the Lord. Condemnation is announced against those who bow to idols and focus on building of earthly kingdoms. Why? Because the knowledge of the glory of the Lord makes everything else look shallow, empty and for what it is, misdirected priorities and focus.

How does the earth become full of the knowledge of the Lord’s glory? As I read this verse, I considered the twin priorities of the reading and hearing of God’s Word and the proclamation of God’s Word.

For over thirty years our friends Abe and Debbie Koop have been working with steadfast dedication to promote the work of Wycliffe Bible Translators. This well-known organization, started in 1942, is still committed to providing God’s Word in the “heart” language of peoples of the world.

I think of one of my newer acquaintances, Gregg Kelly from Grand Rapids, Michigan, who through his organization “World Mission” distributes solar-powered audio versions of the Bible in multiple languages throughout the world. I think of the faithful work of the Gideon’s who are are continuing to distribute hard copies of the Bible and electronic versions of the Bible so all people have access to it teachings.

I think of the national pastors and missionaries, who are faithful in proclaiming the hope that is found in the “knowledge of the glory of the Lord to individuals, small groups gathered in homes and churches and in large crusades all over the world.

The earth is filled with “knowledge of glory of the Lord” because of the dedication and faithful obedience of God’s people. In our efforts we can be confident of the work of the Holy Spirit to do and act in ways that are only possible through His Divine revelation. Through large efforts and through the witness of individual Christ-follower we can all be a part of “filling the earth of the knowledge of the Lord’s glory.”

So, the next time you see a Sherwin-Williams paint logo, allow it to serve as a visual of the knowledge of the Lord’s glory being “poured” out on the whole earth.

Prayer for today… Lord, that You that when Your knowledge fills the earth, the world is made right. You have given us a great opportunity to not only pray for that to happen, but to facilitate it happening. We pray for organizations in the translation of Your Word, distributing Your Word to those who proclaim Your Word. Allow each of us to see the opportunities we have to share Your knowledge and glory in our part of the “world.”