Powerful Prayer

I was planning on writing this blog from home. It has been a long day waiting for tests and then test results to be read by the proper specialist. I have been feeling much better today and did have a visit from the OT and PT personnel here at McKee Hospital. I even made some phone calls from my hospital room for our Energy webinar next Wednesday at 10 a.m. If anyone want to join in let me know. This is just facts and information on Colorado energy and the topic of hydraulic fracturing. It is only a 30 minute online presentation.

After being told my urine was clear and showed no bacteria growth, the doctor came in this evening to let me know that several unknown strains of bacteria have been detected. Also my C-reactive blood proteins that are watched during infections have gone from two to twenty which is not a good sign. The end result is that instead of going home tonight, I am spending another evening in the hospital. Our approach has been to be more proactive this time and to avert another crisis, so it makes sense to stay on that track as disappointing it is not be returning home.

It was good to have some “normal” activity while here in the hospital. The exercise time went well and I walked about 75 feet down the hall. That is the first time I have walked with a walker for distance in a long time. I must have waked close to 150 feet total by time I returned to my room.

Christian and Bridget and the kids came by to see me before they headed back to Lakewood. Caed and Eliana held one end my theraband and helped me with some of my exercise. It was good to have visits from Pastor Steve Harris and John Engle today and to hear from some other friends as well.

BIBLE VERSE FOR TODAY…Therefore confess your sins to each other and pray for each other so that you may be healed. The prayer of a righteous person is powerful and effective. James 5:16

Not all prayers are the same. In many respects they are not designed to be. I think of prayers in offered in the public arena that are akin to the “national anthem.” In some of my prayers in the legislature, I felt stymied because I knew some issues where already decided ahead of time.

Some prayers are offered in thanks to God and build our relationship with God and with other believers. However, the healing prayer of a “righteous person” is designed to be powerful and effective.

In James we see some keys that emerge from the context.  James says we are to confess our sins and pray for each other. So, a key is a right relationship with God and with other believers is important. One key to healing a relationship with another person is not just “forgiveness” but praying for that person.

Faith is critical to powerful prayer. This is obvious. However just as important as our faith in God is, it is also important to have faith that God desires to use me! James points to Elijah and says, “he was a human being just as we are…” It is fairly intimidating to compare yourself to the famed prophet of the Old Testament. But Jesus told His disciples that they would do “great works” than He did, because He is going to His Father in Heaven.

Prayer is the means by which the supernatural power of God is established on earth. It seems the secular world in its “war on prayer” in the public arena recognizes it. Perhaps it is time for all Christian to believe that too!