Lord of All

Today after attending a lunch meeting of pastors featuring a talk by Congressman Ken Buck, I traveled to the Capitol in Denver. It is the last day of the legislative session and I wanted to connect with some of my former colleagues. It was nice to see many of them and to be so graciously received in both the House and the Senate Chambers.

BIBLE VERSE FOR TODAY….  “In that day Israel will be the third with Egypt and Assyria, a blessing in the midst of the earth, whom the Lord of hosts has blessed, saying, “Blessed be Egypt my people, and Assyria the work of my hands, and Israel my inheritance.” Isaiah 19:24,25 ESV

Much of Isaiah’s prophecy includes not just messages to God’s people, but to the nations of the world. Many were Israel’s enemies. Many like Egypt had played a significant role in Israel’s history and formation.

Interestingly enough Egypt was the nations were God’s people were slaves and were delivered by God to form a nation that would move to the promised land. Assyria is the nation that would become a world power and would enslave God’s people captive due to their sin, idolatry and rebellion.

Much of Isaiah 19 is an “oracle” of prophetic judgment against Egypt. But then the prophet seems to look to a distant times that is just referred to as, “In that day…” As a matter of fact, five times we see that phrase used to describe what the Lord would accomplish among these nations.

The culmination of this transformation is a “day” when Israel, Egypt and Assyria would all be a “blessing in the midst of the earth.” Egypt is referred by God as, “my people.” Assyrians as “the work of my hands” and Israel as, “my inheritance.” 

Whether these prophetic words have been fulfilled in some form or fashion or are still part of future events in God’s plan for the ages is, as many prophecies, a topic of debate and conjecture.

What we do see is a God who is orchestrating and overturning the history of nations. We see a God who brings peace to “those who are a afar.” We see a God who changes the hearts of people, just like it happened to those of the city of Nineveh, Assyria’s capital, under the preaching of Jonah.

We can observe in scripture that God is the “macro” and the “micro” God. He has works among the nations of the world, but He is also concerned and is able to direct the hearts of individuals who are “fully committed to Him.” He is a God who is able to change the histories of nations and the histories of individuals.

It is easy to read certain scriptures and stand in awe of what they say and also become bewildered over how they are fulfilled. But above it all is a God who is Lord over all. Over nations and over the lives of individuals as well. You can rest assured that the Lord above all has it all under control.

Prayer for today…. Lord help us to always see a great God, even in the midst of perplexing, yet exciting verses of scripture. We are reminded that you are still at work in the world and you still work in and through individuals lives. Thank You for being that type of God revealed to us through Your Son Jesus.