At Ease

It was good to return home today after my week long conference. Last night I traveled back to Lakewood once again. This time for a reception for George Brauchler, Jr and his bid to become Colorado’s next Governor. My final sessions today were good challenges on how to facilitate change and some leadership observations from a veteran teacher and community leader.

BIBLE VERSE FOR TODAY…. “I was at ease and he broke me apart…”  Job 16:12 ESV

Some people seem to face one crisis after another. Others find themselves, “blindsided” by the unexpected. For Job, life was good. There didn’t seem to be any pressing challenges or issues of concern. He was prosperous and enjoying his life and family, when it all “blew up.”

I was saddened recently when I heard of an accident that killed a mother and her children, leaving a husband and father without the family that he loved. Talk about someone who can related to Job! (By the way, I am scheduled to speak at the church where this family attended in a few weeks, I value your prayers.)

I think of my own experience. Within a few weeks of navigating and still in process of a major change in life for Debbie and me, I found myself moving from not “feeling that good” to “fighting for my life.” In a moment in time or in a short period of time life can change from comfort to crisis.

Being “at ease” is not necessarily a bad thing. Often in our modern world we can fall into the “when-I-relax-I-feel-guilty” syndrome. If anxiety is not our constant friend, we can feel like something is wrong. But we need to remember the Lord does promise us peace and invites us to experience “His easy yoke” was we live in relationship with Him.

Being “at ease” can make us vulnerable. I think of the military distinction between “at attention” and “at ease.” When we are at ease, we can become vulnerable and susceptible to the “surprise attack.” I think of my “verse” that I share with my grandchildren. It begins with, “Be on your guard….” (1 Corinthians 16:13)

I also remember the adage it heard years ago that says, “unseized time tends to flow toward our area of weakness.” We see Paul’s advice is to “redeem the time.” (Ephesians 5:16) So the challenge is to make sure that being “at ease” is not the same as undisciplined and losing our focus.

Being “at ease” can lead to self-centered living. Dr. E.V. Hill, years ago at a Billy Graham School of Evangelism preached on the “Sin of Job.” He used this verse as a reminder that when there are those who are “lost and without hope” in the world around us that we can’t afford to be “at ease” just because of the security of our own eternal destiny. We can live with the assurance of “it is well with my soul” while we remember that God’s heart is for, “all to be saved and come to the knowledge of the truth.” (1 Timothy 2:4)

Prayer for today….. Lord allow us to experience Your peace that enables us to live a life of peace, while we “keep our spiritual fervor” in serving You and fulfilling Your call and purpose for our life. When the unexpected happens whether life “is good” or we are experiencing one test after another, give us confidence that You are with us to give us strength and courage to trust You with our life and our future.