Out of Egypt

BIBLE VERSE FOR TODAY…. When Israel was a child, I loved him, and out of Egypt I called my son.” Hosea 11:1 ESV

This is the verse that was fulfilled when Joseph took Mary and the baby Jesus to Egypt to escape Herod’s wrath. In this context the Lord is speaking through Hosea concerning Israel’s history as a nation. It is this history that the Messiah would identify with in His life’s journey.

As I consider this verse, I notice God’s love, concern and divine purpose for His people. God brought Israel into existence and they have always held that special place and purpose as His own people.

His “calling them out of Egypt” is a call to fulfill their divine purpose and destiny. They were not created to be slaves and oppressed. Over 400 years it would be easy to become entrenched in the life you have known and are living and accept it as your “lot in life.” But God’s plan was far different. His plan was for His people to the “the head and the not the tail.”

As we review the history of God’s people and as Hosea speaks words of judgment and issues a call to repentance, we observe that it was easier to “take the people out of Egypt than to take Egypt out of the people.” Hearing the call to fulfill a destiny is one thing, taking the steps to actualize that calling is another.

When we “fast forward” to the Book of Revelation we see a similar call. “‘Come out of her [Babylon], my people,’ so that you will not share in her sins…” (Revelation 18:4) The call was to “come out of Babylon.” The Babylon of Revelation is a place of political and economic power, just like ancient Egypt. It was a place of sin and wickedness and a place where God was not honored and the Lord’s prophets were killed.

But just like ancient Egypt, it can seem that Babylon of Revelation is the resting place for even God’s people to settle down and accept as their “lot.” However, the cry is to, “leave!” “Come out!” “Get out!” It is as if, a shaking is taking place and the message needs to be heard that says, “this is not your destiny. You have been chosen for a purpose! Live for that purpose and that destiny!”

God’s people today, need to listen to and heed the call to, “come out of Egypt” to “leave Babylon” to be set free from the bondage of a consuming world system and order that does not produce God’s best for our lives. This spiritual call is just as important as it was to ancient Israel in bondage to Egypt. It is not a call though to a different “place” but to different priorities. To live a life of a destiny and purpose in God.

This is the call to true  “freedom.” Away from bondage to sin and a direction in life that erodes and destroys faith, to a life that brings peace and one that speaks of a hope and a future and a God-ordained destiny. The world may be as it is – but we are called to be as God has ordained us to be through our faith and commitment to Him.

Prayer for today…. Lord, make us aware of “where we live.” Don’t let the world “around” dictate our commitment, purpose and direction in life.