Rest, Work, Play

As we come to the “unofficial beginning” of summer it is important to pause and to remember those who gave their life in defending freedom over the course of time and several wars and conflicts abroad. I was challenged once again about the importance of our nation’s values, viewing the past speeches of President Ronald Reagan at Normandy and at Arlington Cemetery. My friend Josh Cook’s son recently asked him, “dad what’s Memorial Day.” Josh said, “it is when we pause and remember those who died in battles fighting for our freedom.” His son responded, “I don’t remember any of them.” Often when the connection is not personal, the significance can lose its meaning. However, we all owe a great deal of gratitude to the many unsung hero’s who have served to keep our nation free and to defend the freedom of others.  To the unknown individuals who pledged their sacred honor on the field of battle in noble service to their country, so generations to come could enjoy freedoms, we say thank you for your sacrifice.

This Memorial Day for our family has been a combination of rest, work, play. In the series of those words “rest” should be at the end, but for me sometimes I need to have it at the beginning of my activity. Our grandkids were with us as mom and dad ran in the Bolder Boulder. Bridget did a great job crossing the finish line in under 49 minutes. Christian was ten minutes or [and] so…behind.

Here at home base we had morning waffles and then the kids played on the computer, while grandpa and grandma did some work on theirs, we then pulled some weeds in the garden and when Christian and Bridget return back to our home we made a trek down to the neighborhood swimming pool.  We are glad that the weather has cooperated. It was not blazing hot but no rain.

BIBLE VERSE FOR TODAY...Call to me and I will answer you and tell you great and unsearchable things you do not know.” Jeremiah 33:3

There are not too many verses in Jeremiah that come to mind or that stand out to even avid Bible readers. However, this is one that many will recognize. In its brevity it rings of hope and inspires faith and confidence in God.

I found have my observations interesting in reading through the message of some of the Old Testament prophets. This verse for example, was a call of God, an invitation if you will not to the faithful, but to the rebellious. As God’s people were looking everywhere for help and guidance and worshiping all kinds of images and false gods, the God of Heaven stands amidst the chaos and invites His people to  “call on me…”

The idols they worshiped had ears but could not hear and God says if you call, “I will answer.” What is amazing about this timing is that God through His prophets is pronouncing judgment and captivity by evil nations on His people. Yet God has still not turned His back or deafened His ear from those who were objects of His mercy and loving kindness.

God promise is not “hold back” but let His people have the insight and understanding that they so desperately sought in the midst of warfare, starvation and a sea of voices using a “thus says the Lord” as a way to get people’s attention, but only adding to their plight spiritual confusion that brought hardness of heart.

“I will tell you great and unsearchable things that you do not know.” We don’t know what these things were, but it is clear that God is wanting to reveal Himself and His plan to those who will call on Him…who will seek Him. Given the context of this verse, it brings to mind Jesus weeping over Jerusalem,  “Jerusalem, Jerusalemhow often I have longed to gather your children together, as a hen gathers her chicks under her wings, and you were not willing. Matthew 23:36

To this rebellious people God urges them to “call” yet He knows that they are unwilling. How important it is for us to be willing to simply, “call on God.” Regardless of our struggles, confusion, disappointments and wanderings. God in His mercy and loving-kindness is always available and will always hear.