Nothing Too Hard for God

Today was a nice “summer day.” After last week with rain and some severe storm warnings, it looks like we have catapulted into summer with temps in the 80’s. Yesterday one of our projects was to work on the weeds in the garden. It is looking better, but we will not be planting a garden, but we will keep Isla’s (Debbie’s mom) garden spot tended. We do have a healthy patch of strawberries, so be the end of the month they should bearing berries!

I am glad that I have been feeling better and stronger. I am walking longer distances and trying to be more independent with activities around the house. I trimmed some of the rose bushes today as part of my outside activity. Tomorrow I return to Northern Colorado Rehab for another therapy session.

BIBLE VERSE FOR TODAY….“Ah, Sovereign Lord, you have made the heavens and the earth by your great power and outstretched arm. Nothing is too hard for you.” Jeremiah 32:17

This verse above is a prayer of Jeremiah’s. It is prayed after he is instructed to buy a field and bury the deed, because the Lord will one day bring God’s people back to the land. The Lord told him that one day in the future land will be once again bought and sold. The opening statement in Jeremiah’s prayer to the Lord is recognizing God’s creative power and His ability to do what He has promised.

The instructions that Jeremiah received from the Lord seemed at the time out of the realm of possibility. Jeremiah’s response in prayer is to recognize the ultimate power of God. This is the God who spoke the world into existence. Here we find one of those assertions of God’s creative work. Jeremiah had no doubts about how the world came into existence. This creator God is able to do whatever He determines in keeping with His sovereign plan for individuals and nations.

There is more to this verse than inspiring faith in God’s ability to intervene in our lives. This verse and its context reveals that God is working out His plan for His people and He can be trusted to fulfill His plan. I think of this in our current day. God is still working out His plan for people and nations. He is not the God who was, He is the God who is! As such we can learn from and be strengthened in our faith by what we read of God’s working in times past.

I recently caught the end of Governor Bobby Jindal’s commencement address to the graduates at Liberty University. He challenge them that in spite of what our current culture looks like and the obstacles that may come our way as Christ follower’s that this is the time to put our faith into action and be the light of the world that Christ called us to be.

Can God work out His plan in a post-modern, anti-Christ culture? Nothing is too difficult for Him

Can God provide strategies to allow believer’s to influence their culture when they may feel more like victims than victors? Nothing is too difficult for Him.

Can God be found in the darkest of spiritual surroundings, when it seems all have forsaken Him? Nothing is too difficult for Him.

Can God use even those who deny Him to reveal His glory and fulfill His purpose? Nothing is too difficult for Him.

Can God restore and fulfill His created order to that which He intended from the beginning of time? Nothing is too difficult for Him.

Remember, regardless of how dark the night, light is present, hope and a future is present when God is there. That is what Jeremiah discovered at the worst time in Judah’s history and He held to God’s Word and promise. When we do the same we find in the creator God, nothing is too difficult for Him.