Noah – Man of Favor

I enjoyed being at the Primary Election Night reception for Ken Buck. As I arrived Ken and Perry were just arriving, so I took the opportunity to get a quick picture. It was good to meet some new people and to see some people that I know and had not seen for some time. State Senator Greg Brophy and Former State Senator Scott Penry were two individuals I had served with while I was in the State House. It was also good to see Jake Zambrano. Jake is a lobbyist that I worked with me during my legislative tenure.

I invited my friend David Holden to accompany me only to find out his sister Joann works for Ken Buck in the Weld County District Attorney’s office. Ken will be a good congressman for Colorado’s 4th District.

My therapy session today went well and was a good workout. I started today with the OT session on a floor mat working on some core and shoulder exercises. During my PT session I was in the therapy pool and did run through some exercises that I had not thought of. I think I will rest tonight and may be be a little sore tomorrow.

 BIBLE VERSE FOR TODAY… “But Noah found favor in the eyes of the Lord.”  Genesis 6:8

I read through the chapters during my Bible time about Noah. A few months ago the “Noah” movie was released to a great deal of criticism and controversy. It was interesting in reading some of the commentary, by even professing Christians, questions about whether Noah was a mythical figure or an historic figure.

The Bible seems as clear as for any other individual it mentions. The genealogy of God’s people is traced back to Noah (1 Chronicles 1:4); Isaiah the prophet mentions Noah (Isaiah 54:9); Ezekiel the prophet mentions Noah along with Daniel and Job as men of righteousness (Ezekiel 14:14) Jesus references the days of Noah (Matthew 24:37); Noah is included with others as individuals of great faith in Hebrews 11:7; In each of his letters the Apostle Peter makes reference to Noah (1 Peter 3:20; 2 Peter 2:5)

Noah found favor or grace in the eyes of the Lord. What can we observe and learn from his life?

1 – Noah maintained righteous character in an evil world. (Genesis 6:9)

He is described as righteous, blameless  in his generation. Noah walked with God. There is only one other person that I know of that is described as “walking with God” and that is Enoch. Enoch experience a translation to heaven. (Genesis 5:24)

Noah’s life should challenge us today. If Noah lived a life dedicated to God in a world that was so evil God had to destroy it, we should be able to live a life of commitment to Christ in our world today. As a matter of fact Jesus said that “as it was in the days of Noah so shall it be in the day of the Son of Man.” (Luke 17:26)

2 – Noah was a man of obedience (Genesis 6:22)

I am sure what God was telling Noah was hard for him to comprehend. But God gave the detailed instructions and Noah obeyed. He did what God told him to even when he didn’t understand, even when it didn’t make sense, even when God was going to do something that had never happened (like rain from the sky). And that obedience demonstrated the faith for which Noah was commended. (Hebrews 11:7)

3 – Noah’s spiritual leadership saved his family  (Hebrews 11:7)

By faith Noah, when warned about things not yet seen, in holy fear built an ark to save his family.”               

Only Noah’s family was saved through the flood that covered the earth…eight people…four couples. We don’t know anything about Noah’s family other than the name of his sons. There character is not referred to like Noah’s. They may have been as committed to the Lord as Noah. We at least know that they followed their father’s leadership, even though I am sure they were old enough to tell him he was too crazy for them and walk away.

In all the arenas of life where we hear the call for “leadership” none is more important than the family. And no one is more important than the godly influence of men. That is why in our Teen Challenge men’s program we say if we rescue a man we rescue a family. We have seen several men successfully deal with their addiction issues and become the godly husbands and fathers God has intended them to be.

There is obviously a lot about Noah and the flood that we don’t know. But if we focus on the questions we may have and all the “whys and hows and wherefores” we miss the main message that God wants us to see.