Looking back…hanging in there!

I have been thinking about the progress that I have made since being at home. At least at home after being home and re-hospitalized with a UTI….

  •  ·        My transfers are made on my own power without transfer board or requiring Debbie’s assistance.
  •  ·        I am able to take steps in the walker and get8-10 feet. I can even get myself up on my own. (if I cheat a little by using my therapy chair or raising the wheelchair seat)
  •  ·        I can lift my right leg off the bed when lying down. (Didn’t know for sure when that would happen!)
  •  ·        I can get out of bed without assistance. And now I can push myself up on my elbows. (I just did not have the strength and oddly the mental awareness of even now to do that when I was in the rehab hospital)
  •  ·        I got into our walk in closet for the first time by using a desk chair with casters and transferring from my wheelchair to the chair in the closet. I do use a cane to help propel me to where I want to go.
  •  ·        I have regained about 90% of my weight loss. Now I just need muscle!
  •  ·        My voice is stronger and people continue to say, “you sound like your old self.”

I believe there are other things that I am forgetting for the moment, but these are significant steps forward that provide me a sense of independence, accomplishment and thankfulness. I believe these are a direct result of the prayers of God’s faithful people around the world.

My physical therapist who monitors my progress has advised that I don’t over push the therapy and the progress. I have been a little more fatigue in the last two days. This evening I was really fatigued at 5:30 p.m. much later than usual. I laid down for at least an hour.

After resting I felt more alert, but woke with chills and headache and a 100 degree temperature. I haven’t had an abnormal temperature for months! Even when fighting infections.

I have not had these symptoms since July 19 when I ended up being hospitalized just three days later. It was interesting to sense the emotions that I did. I’m not sure if you can have PTSD from West Nile.  Those symptoms in and of themselves may be not unusual for a healthy adult, but for me it calls me to reach out to you today and ask you to pray, like now.

I had not been in a hospital for 59 years. I think this past year I did all the catching up that I need to do. We are still trusting the Lord, He is faithful and all the glory and praise belongs to Him for what He has done and what He will do in this very moment.


Come, let us bow down in worship, let us kneel before the Lord our Maker; for he is our God and we are the people of his pasture the flock under His care. Psa. 95:6,7