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The laws that are passed and the regulations that are established have a significant impact on citizens and of all types in Colorado. Navigating through the maze of the political arena can be a challenge. That is why an individual with experience working with you and advocating on your behalf can make a difference.

KGS Consulting provides you with a value-added partnership so you can be proactive on the issues that impact your business. Here is how that is accomplished:

  • PROVIDING INSIGHT into the legislative process and political environment
  • TRACKING LEGISLATION that impacts your business and helping you to take a formal position on those pieces of legislation
  • PERSONAL CONTACT WITH LEGISLATORS to inform them of your position on a bill and why you support or oppose the legislation.
  • ARRANGING FOR TESTIMONY ON BILLS before committees in collaboration with others who share your position
  • COMMUNICATION WITH DEPARTMENTS that interface with your business on the writing and implementation of rules
  • TOURS AND RECEPTIONS that provide legislators an opportunity to learn firsthand about the work that you do
  • SERVING AS A SPOKESPERSON for your business at the capitol, with other industry groups and in the community
  • PROVIDING FEEDBACK AND UPDATES as needed to stay on the forefront of how bills are progressing through the process

These are some of the ways that having a contact inside the capitol can work for you. Some services may be more appropriate than others depending on your needs and area of interest.

KONICA MINOLTA DIGITAL CAMERAI look forward to developing a partnership where I can serve you at the capitol by providing access, opening doors and empowering influence in the legislative process. You can make a difference and be a part of shaping public policy in Colorado.


KGS Consulting *                        303-725-4765

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  1. Julie Braswell
    Feb 23, 2017 @ 15:04:32

    Hi Ken,

    I guess it is really a small world after all. You met my teenaged son who is an intern for Senator Lundburg a couple of weeks ago. You must have made an impression on him because he came home and told me all about the visit. I knew your name sounded familiar and when I googled you I realized that we had met several years ago. You officiated my uncle’s funeral – his name was Bruce Jones.

    Anyway Nathaniel told me you were running for city council here in Fort Collins (which is where I live). That is very exciting news as Fort Collins is in desperate need of conservative Christian leadership. I signed up for your newsletter and look forward to keeping up with your campaign.



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