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Progress on the Long Road to Recovery

I had a productive day of therapy today. I walked with the walker more working on turns and the transition from a smooth to a carpeted surface. This afternoon I had a good occupational therapy session. Pastor Steve Harris came during this time and was able to observe the regimen that I can go through(…)


Stronger Each Day

 Today, I walked thirty feet with the walker. That is the longest distance that I have walked since going home on December 10th.I also was able to lift forty-five pounds on the triceps exercise machine(known as the rickshaw see picture above). This afternoon I worked on getting back into my wheelchair from a crawling position.(…)


Home on Sunday

 Today I found out that I will go home Sunday morning. I will have therapy each day through Saturday. Just in time to return home take Sunday off and recoup and regroup for the week ahead. It is hard to believe that it will be two weeks since being whisked away from home in an(…)


Fourth Day at Rehab Hospital

 I’m not sure whether to say this is my fourth day at the rehab hospital or I have four days left until I return home. I do hope to return home on Saturday. At this point even I feel that I could manage safely at home. Today’s therapy sessions went well and I am now(…)


Rest is Good

 Today has been a laid back day for me, which is probably good. Debbie has been with me today since the weather cleared up. It was also good to have some visitors come by this afternoon. I did get some good rest periods in trying to manage my fatigue. It is interesting how we view(…)


First Day of Therapy

 A March 1st snow storm and my first day of therapy during round two at Northern Colorado Rehab Hospital. Today went good for my first day of structured therapy. I had visits from physical therapy, occupational therapy and speech therapy. The weekend doctor on call came to my room during the occupational therapist’s visit. We(…)