book_coverThe Longest


Ken Summers

Facing the Challenge, Learning the Lessons of Life-Threatening West Nile Virus

 As a pastor, nonprofit executive and state legislator, Ken knows that challenges of life and leadership. He didn’t realize how those experiences would prepare him for his toughest challenge…a campaign against life threatening West Nile Virus. As Ken recounts his professional life and illness, she shares lessons learned and reflections on God’s Word designed to strength and encourage you in the test of life that may be before you.


“A gritty, authentic page turner, this book is guaranteed to inspire both faith and faithfulness, and remind us again that God will be with us when we walk through the shadow lands.” Jeff Lucas, Author, Speaker, Broadcaster

“…This is the inspiring story of a great man of God, sustained by faith and his family, who has survived grievous hardships with optimism, intellectual vitality and spiritual power.”  Bill Armstrong, Former US Senator President, Colorado Christian University

“…If you want to know God better, read this book. If you want encouragement in time of great distress and uncertainty, read this book. If you want to know what faithfulness and devotion in marriage looks like, read this book. Ken and Debbie Summers’ story lifts our sights to another place!”  Dick Foth. Pastor/Author


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