The God Who Hears, The God Who Helps

IMG_0711This morning Debbie and I left town early to travel to Denver. We spoke to my old Rotary Club, took care of Debbie’s eye appointment, visited my mother and then meet up with some dear friends, Jim and Carolyn Majeske (who we have not seen for years) along with Jon Cook. It was a good day; except for Debbie having to give me the Heimlich maneuver on the side of the road after a pill got lodged in my throat and cut off my air passage.

BIBLE VERSE FOR TODAY… Praise the Lord! For he has heard my cry for mercy. The Lord is my strength and shield. I trust him with all my heart. He helps me, and my heart is filled with joy. I burst out in songs of thanksgiving.” Psalm 28:6,7 NLT

There is nothing like rejoicing when the challenge, trial or battle is over. David as the “singer of Israel” is one who proclaimed his praise to the Lord on a continual basis. In these verses above David declares his praise for the Lord who responds. The Lord responds to the cry for mercy. The Lord responds to the one who trusts in Him with all their heart.

When the Lord responds, it solicits a response from us. For David that response was “praise to the Lord.” It was a “heart filled with joy.” It allowed him to “burst out in songs of thanksgiving.”

Paul declared the truth of scripture, “Anyone who trusts in him will never be disappointed.” (Romans 10:11 ICB) David knew that reality, Paul knew that reality and you and I can know it as well.

As I mark the third anniversary of my hospitalization, I can identify with the words of David. The Lord shown me his mercy, He has been my strength, He has been my help. When that reality sinks in after some of life’s greatest challenges it calls for greater trust in the Lord, it results in “bursts of songs of thanksgiving.”

As I say in my book, “The Longest Campaign” I have found that “what the Lord does not keep us from, He is able to see us through.” That became evident in our connection today with some dear friends. Jim and Carolyn Majeske were mentors and our Senior Pastors when Debbie and I were first in ministry. John Cook has been a friend for a over 30 years. We had the opportunity to reconnect today for a great time of fellowship and sharing.

We all have experienced some of the greatest challenges in our personal lives within the past three years. Yet as we shared our stories, we could see how God’s hand was evident in our lives, providing the help and strength that was needed at the time.

When the Lord bring us through those challenging times of life, it builds greater assurance of the God who superintends the circumstances of our life. The Lord is the One who goes before and provides what is needed for each new day, for each new challenge.

When we experience the faithfulness of the Lord, it creates a sense of awe and solicits the wholehearted trust in Him that is needed for whatever the next challenge that life will bring.

As I reflect back of the past three years, I can readily identify with the words of David. I praise the Lord for His mercy, His strength, His help and am glad that it can’t be exhausted.

Prayer for today… “Praise be to the Lord, who is my strength, shield and help. Thank You Lord that You have heard my cry for mercy. Give me the strength to trust you more and to know that You will be with me in each day and in challenge life can bring.”