The Final Word

Ken_Gov RitterAfter my chiropractor appointment today, I had a meeting with former Colorado Governor Bill Ritter. He is the director of Center for a New Energy Economy at Colorado State University. It was good to connect with him after not seeing each other for about six years. Later in the afternoon I attended a session on the EPA’s proposed Clean Power Plan.

BIBLE VERSE FOR TODAY… “I, the Lord, am the one who answers your prayers and watches over you. I am like a green pine tree; your blessings come from me.” A wise person will know these things,  and an understanding person will take them to heart. The Lord’s ways are right. Good people live by following them…” Hosea 14:8,9 NCV

As the Book of Hosea comes to an end, it is like a “happy ending” in an otherwise sad tale. The book begins with Hosea acting God’s part in marrying a prostitute that represented Israel. The names of their first two children revealed God’s view of His people, “no pity” and “not my people.”

The prophecy continues revealing Israel’s deep seeded idolatry and their rebellion against the laws of the Lord. Sin was rampant in people, priests and leaders. As a result the Lord promised judgment.

But as the book comes to an end, we see the promise of forgiveness and restoration. The will allow His people to clearly see that it is He (not gods of wood and stone) that watches over them, answers prayer and provides blessing.

In our lives today, we can not only take heart in the Lord’s mercy, but in His watchful care and as the one who hears and answers prayer. As a Colorado native, I like the imagery of a “green pine” tree. Since they are plentiful in the mountains and communities around, we are reminded that they don’t change through the seasons. They are always green. That is the message the Lord wanted His people to see. He is the eternally consistent and faithful God.

Solomon said, “the fear of the Lord is the beginning of wisdom.” (Prov. 9:10) Hosea says, that “A wise person will know these things, and an understanding person will take them to heart.” We must not only know and understand the ways of the Lord, but they need to be constantly in the forefront of our mind. If they are they will provide that strength and encouragement that is needed as life is faced on a daily basis.

We can not only observe the experience of God’s people, but we can know and affirm for ourselves the conclusion of Hosea’s words, “The Lord’s ways are right. Good people live by following them…” Knowing the Lord and following His ways leads to a meaningful life, filled with purpose and blessing.