Transfer to Regular Room

Monday, February 24, 2014

by Debbie Summers

I am working on this in a corner of Ken’s ICU room with a mask on while Ken gets yet another PICC (intravenous line that goes from his upper arm directly into his heart) placed in preparation for him going home to have antibiotics.  He will also ‘get’ to have a CT scan, another EKG and echocardiogram yet today.  Another kind of antibiotic is being given now.  The main focus is to try to figure out why Ken keeps getting a Pseudomonas infection.  This one was not only in his urine but also in his blood.  The infectious disease doctor thinks it might be in the interstitial lining of his bladder since the last CT scan done in December didn’t show any stones.  The hearts tests done yesterday show abnormalities as a result of the infectious process.  That is why they are repeating the tests so we know if things have resolved. Ken should be taking the caring bridge and over soon and believe me, it’ll be good reading since his perspective is very insightful (and funny at the same time).

Prayer Requests:
*find the source of the infection and for it to never returrn
*encouragement for Ken that he not lose strength in his rehab process
*safety for Ken since he is still considered a ‘fall risk’ (he is quite

Psalm118:17  I will not die but live, and will proclaim what the Lord has done