Tough Question

Today was a good day to get caught up on some office work. I took a bike ride to drop some mail at a post office, but it took me longer for the three miles than anticipated. It was good to have a massage after the bike ride.

BIBLE VERSE FOR TODAY… “Why do you call Me ‘Lord, Lord,’ and don’t do the things I say?…” Luke 6:46 HCSB

It seems that we can always come up with a response or an excuse for a tough question. But this question of Jesus’ is one that is almost impossible to respond to. The assertion of Lordship in this verse is not some casual commitment. When we find in repeating, “Lord, Lord” it is an emphatic declaration of loyalty and commitment. It is like Peter declaring, “even though all deny you, I never will.” Saying, “Lord, Lord” is a way to say, “I’m all in.”

Jesus simply asks, “how can you say that and not do what I say?” Jesus makes it clear that it is not our profession of His Lordship, it is our obedience that matters. Jesus told His disciples, “If you love me, obey my commandments. (John 14:15 NLT) As Jesus explains the importance of our actions of obedience matching our words of commitment, the focus is not on what it means to Jesus, but to those who foll0w Jesus.

Look at Jesus explanation:  “I will show you what someone is like who comes to Me, hears My words, and acts on them: He is like a man building a house, who dug deep and laid the foundation on the rock. When the flood came, the river crashed against that house and couldn’t shake it, because it was well built.” (Luke 6:47,48 HCSB)

That stability of our life is not found in the profession of our lips, but in the dedication of our lives. Putting Jesus words into practice make the difference between standing strong and being on sinking sand. In describing the foundation-less house built by those who do not act on His words Jesus says, The river crashed against it, and immediately it collapsed. And the destruction of that house was great!” (Luke 6:49 HCSB)

This weekend driving the Thompson Canyon between Loveland and Estes Park was a vivid reminder of the destruction of a raging river. In September of 2013 rain swollen tributaries, flowed in the Thompson River and the raging torrent destroyed everything in its path. Road and highways were no match. The destruction was great! Such it is, Jesus said, for the life, that is deceived by believing words without actions is sufficient for a strong life that strands the test of the storms of life.

James said, “…faith by itself, if it does not have works, is dead.” (James 2:17 NKJV)  “But be doers of the word, and not hearers only, deceiving yourselves.” (James 1:22 ESV) Paul told the Philippians,  “Keep putting into practice all you learned and received from me—everything you heard from me and saw me doing. Then the God of peace will be with you.”  (Philippians 4:9 NLT)

When we act on what we believe; when we put into practice what Jesus tells us to, it results in peace and stability and keeps us from being blindsided by the storms of life.