Giving Thanks To

Oh give thanks to the LORD, for He is good; for His steadfast love endures forever! 1Chronicles 16:34 (ESV)

On this Thanksgiving Day there are reflections on the many things that we are thankful for. However, it is important to go beyond what we are thankful “for” to what who we are thankful “to.”

Pastor Brent Cunningham from Timberline Church in Fort Collins said it well in a devotional when he said, “God wants us to cultivate thankfulness so that we see past the gift to the giver.” If you were to follow the pattern in 1 Chronicles 16:34 what would you express to the Lord for? What are the character traits, the blessings that we have that come from the Lord?

We can also express thanks to the people who have impact our lives. I am thankful to my wife Debbie for her constant care and concern for me. She endured my health crisis ten years ago and has continually supported and monitored my ongoing challenges over these years.

I am thankful to my pastor at Generations Church in Canton, Georgia for his faithful ministry and impact on our church, community and beyond.

I am thankful to our children Christian and Stephanie for their continual love and support. I am thankful to our grandchildren for their uniqueness and developing their passions and abilities and relationship with the Lord.

I am thankful to those who have given generously to see the dream and vision of a Bible School in the Northern Philippines become a reality.

And yes! I am thankful to the Lord for giving me life, physically and spiritually. I am thankful to the Lord for His forgiveness, steadfast love, His grace and mercy and sustaining strength for each day.

Now it’s your turn…..